About Columbia Omni

(And Why Our Clients Love Us)

Hi, my name is Jared Derector.

If you’ve ever visited Columbia Omni, you probably recognize my face. I’m the owner and my father, Ron Derector, and grandfather, Julius Derector, were the original founders of Columbia Omni.

Based in central Manhattan we help business from all over New York City, ranging from small New York City boutique stores, to the various major corporations you’re likely very familiar with.

If you’re interested in working with someone who has your interests at heart and can get you all the products you need, at extremely competitive prices, with value added services nobody else in New York City can match, I’d like to share with you…

The Simple Promise That Has Carried
Columbia Omni Through 3 Generations Of Business

In 1962, my grandfather began the Columbia Printing Company with a simple promise.

He promised his clients he would treat them like family and do everything in his power to help them run their own businesses, if in return they would agree to do business with him just once. He promised to give them an experience that simply could not be replicated anywhere else, going the extra mile when competitors wouldn’t give you the time of day.

The business quickly took off, becoming a dominant printer in New York City. Little by little, we started to expand.

  • First we evolved into Office Supplies because our customers wanted a one-stop shop…
  • In 1985 we acquired Glasner Art Supply Corp. to expand our product line into the graphic and art supply industry…
  • In the late 2000’s, we began selling coffee and breakroom supplies so our clients could get everything from us instead of having to shop at multiple venues…
  • In 2013 we acquired Rand Lighting Corp. to provide more competitive pricing to all of our clients for lighting supplies…
  • In early 2014 we restructured the office and store to include a Pantone Service Center, which now offers the best prices, fastest shipping and largest selection for Pantone in the United States…

Columbia Omi has lasted for three generations because we focus on giving you, the client, an experience that makes it nearly impossible to do business elsewhere.

We have removed all the advantages of doing business anywhere else. Our #1 focus is on giving you a single place to shop for everything your business needs, while simultaneously giving you access to the best expertise you can find in each area, at the best prices.

We Give More Than A Good Price…
We Give You Peace Of Mind

In business, profit is essential. You can’t continue being successful if you aren’t profitable. That’s why we’ve placed a big focus on securing incredible relationships with our vendors over the past few decades. We now have well over 300,000 items and are able to buy in enough bulk that we get you prices which are competitive with prices you’ll find anywhere else.

But our focus isn’t just on price. It’s on value.

While we do have very competitive prices, we focus on helping you move forward with your business without interruption. Here are a few of the dozens of ways we do that…


Free, Cost-Saving Analysis

In most cases if you try to find the cheapest price on something, you’ll pay for it in extra time spent using whatever you bought. We’re happy to explain why the value you receive from us will outweigh the value from anywhere else, 100% of the time.

Same Day Delivery

Stop interrupting your creative flow while waiting for the items you need. We’ll get it to you the same day you order it. We’re located in midtown Manhattan, on 37th street between 5th ave. and 6th ave., with over 100,000 items in stock for same day delivery. If you do anything in the creative space or tend to need things within a few hours (rather than waiting a few days), you’ll love our same day delivery.



Since we’re located in midtown Manhattan, you can stop in our store to pick up anything you need. We also have several employees who are experts in their fields so if you have a question about anything, you’ll get the answer instantly. Many of our clients love the store so much, they come in around lunch simply to hang out and “get away from it all” for a few minutes.

A Big Heart For Our Customers

Most businesses have forgotten the art of customer service. That’s where we shine. It’s impossible to grasp the experience of working with us until you actually do it. We’ve had clients stay with us for decades, and it’s because once you see the value, you’ll never find a reason to go elsewhere.


Industry And Product Specific Services

We don’t just sell you inventory. If needed we’ll customize it to your specific request. Need an 8 foot foam board cut to a specific size? Need swatches of Pantone without being put on backorder? Need a custom frame? Need a custom-wrapped canvas? Just let us know what you need and we’ll get it done.


Columbia Omni is New York’s largest independent dealer of office products, art supplies, office furniture, lighting, breakroom, janitorial, in-house custom framing and printing services.


Office Supplies

One of the largest inventories of office supplies in New York City. Located in midtown Manhattan. Go here for more details.


Art Supplies

All your art and design supplies in stock with experts to answer your questions and full service custom work available. Go here for more details.



Thousands of lightbulbs and accessories with same-day shipping available for most products. Experts available to answer questions. Learn more here.



We’re the largest in-stock Pantone dealer in the country, with one-hour pickups for our local NYC clients. Go here for more details.



We’ll help you furnish your office. Our experts can even help lay out your office space or prepare a sketch for designers/architects. Go here for more details.



We carry all major and specialty brand breakroom supplies. Since we’re in midtown Manhattan you’ll get them fast. Go here to read more.



We carry thousands of in-stock janitorial supplies so you can get them as soon as you need them, at a competitive price. Read more here.



Our 50+ years printing experience allows us to get your projects done right the first time. We can help with nearly any printing project you need. Read more here.

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